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AWS Academy Cloud Foundations v2

AWS Academy Cloud Foundations is intended for students who seek an overall understanding of cloud computing concepts, independent of specific technical roles. It provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing, and support.

Lab 1 – Introduction to AWS IAM

In this lab you will explore IAM users, IAM groups, and test access to AWS services when logged in as different IAM users.

Lab 2 – Build your VPC and Launch a Web Server

In this lab session, you use Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to create your own VPC and add additional components to it to produce a customized network. You will create security groups for your EC2 instance. You configure and customize the EC2 instance to run a web server and launch it into the VPC.

Lab 3 – Introduction to Amazon EC2

This lab provides you with a basic overview of launching, resizing, managing, and monitoring an Amazon EC2 instance.

Activity – AWS Elastic Beanstalk

In this activity, you are provided with an Elastic Beanstalk environment. You then deploy code to it and test the result. Finally, you observe the managed nature of the resources in the AWS account that Elastic Beanstalk created.

Activity – AWS Lambda

In this activity, you create a simple AWS Lambda function that is triggered by a CloudWatch event. The function will stop a running EC2 instance.

Lab 4 – Working with EBS

In this lab, you will learn how to create an Amazon EBS volume, attach it to an instance, apply a file system to the volume, and then take a snapshot backup.

Lab 5 – Build a Database Server

This lab is designed to reinforce the concept of leveraging an AWS-managed database instance for solving relational database needs.

Lab 6 – Scale & Load Balance your Architecture

This lab walks you through using the Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Auto Scaling services to load balance and automatically scale your infrastructure.